DAB 達博啤酒建立於 1868 年,是著名多特蒙德啤酒風格最具代表性的代表品牌。嚴格遵循 1516 年頒布的德國啤酒 Reinheitsgebot《純酒令》釀造而成,僅選用純天然釀酒原料,DAB 達博 始終在德國多特蒙德地區以原始傳承配方進行釀製。

通過 150 年堅定不移的追求和探索,DAB 達博已成為世界著名的國際品牌,以及德國啤酒文化與品質的象徵。


這是一款極具平衡性的啤酒,結合了巴伐利亞 Helles (慕尼黑淡拉格) 風格的豐富麥芽味,以及德國皮爾森啤酒的清脆和柔和的芳香。 這種風格創建於 19 世紀工業革命期間德國多特蒙德市,為勞力工作後的工人們解渴。

DAB 達博多特蒙德啤酒
酒精濃度: 5%
IBU: 23

DAB 達博多特蒙德啤酒是經過特殊底部發酵,是黃金拉格啤酒的最好例子!其口味和諧平衡、清爽、柔和,並具有令人愉悅的啤酒花和麥芽香氣。得益於多特蒙德的軟質水,同時摒棄長時間的巴氏殺菌,具有綿柔的口感,以及柔和高雅的質感。

建議飲用溫度: 4-7 C

DAB Lemon Radler
酒精濃度: 2.9%

舉世聞名的經典 DAB 啤酒與檸檬汁調和的 DAB 達博檸檬啤酒,由 40% 檸檬汁加上 60% DAB 啤酒製成,給您極致的清爽順口!

A blend of the world famous classic DAB Export mixed with lemon juice. This beverage is 40% lemon juice and 60% DAB. The ultimate in refreshment. Crisp and smooth. 

DAB is the ambassador of the famous Dortmund Beer Style which is brewed in compliance with the German Beer Purity Law of 1516. Using only pure and natural ingredients, DAB is still brewed in Dortmund to original recipes.

Over the last 150 years, DAB has become a world famous and international brand as well as a global symbol of German beer culture and a seal of quality.

What is a Dortmunder Export style beer?

A great middle ground beer that combines the rich maltiness of the Bavarian Helles style along with the crispness and hoppy aromatics of a German Pilsner. This style was created in the 19th century during the industrial revolution in the German city of Dortmund, and designed to quench the thirst of hardworking men.

DAB is the finest example of the special bottom-fermented blond lager. It is a harmoniously balanced, crisp and easy-to-drink beer with pleasingly gentle notes of hops and malt. A very well-rounded taste profile with a soft and elegant texture.