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hoila wood apple 6來自義大利最北部南提洛阿爾卑斯山區栽種的百分之百高品質蘋果,經手工釀造而成的會樂蘋果酒,除了滿滿三顆蘋果以外,沒有其他添加物!


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酒精濃度 5.5 %,最好飲用溫度 4°C。直接飲用、加冰塊或加一片檸檬在紅酒杯中,會賦予更多層次。

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會樂蘋果酒的概念是在蘇格蘭的愛丁堡的赫瑞瓦特大學 (Heriot Watt University) 的釀造與蒸餾研究所 (Institute of Brewing and Distilling, IBD) 誕生的。會樂蘋果酒與 IBD 經過非常完整的研究合作,經過分析和評估了 20 種不同品種的蘋果所創造出的產品。現在所有的釀造過程都在北義的南提洛阿爾卑斯山區的釀酒廠進行。


在 2018 年的世界蘋果酒比賽中 (World Cider Awards),會樂蘋果酒榮獲全球最佳氣泡蘋果酒獎項!總共有 700 個產品進入這個比賽,會樂蘋果酒獲得第一名!在同一個比賽中又得到 2018 年義大利最佳蘋果酒─金牌獎!

Pomme d'or award

100% premium apples from South Tyrol artfully refined to hoila cider.
3 apples in a bottle. Nothing else.

hoila Cider is a refreshing alcoholic beverage made from pure Southtyrolean apples in the Italian Alps. We combine the best British brewing tradition with Alpine authenticity, artisanship and absolute commitment to quality. hoila cider is naturally fermented without adding preservatives, colorants, sugar or artificial ingredients; after years of hard work, countless trials and tests, the very best in our premium apples has been collected in a bottle: fresh sweetness, crisp citrus taste and golden sunny colour.

5,5 % alc. Best served at 4°C with or without ice in a wine glass or straight from the bottle. A small slice of lemon or lime unfolds the fresh citrus taste.

hoila was born through an extensive research collaboration with the prestigious Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD) at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland. We analyzed and evaluated over 20 local apple varieties to create our premium blend. The entire production now takes place in our facilities in South Tyrol, in the heart of the Alps.

BREAKING NEWS: hoila-Cider from South Tyrol won the award for the World’s Best Sparkling Cider at the prestigious World Cider Awards 2018 in London among 700 participants! Separately, hoila cider was also declared „Italy’s best cider 2018“ and won the gold medal.