Chalice specializes in the import and distribution of premium beverages in the Taiwan market. Our focus is on the unique and uncommon. From imported beer to fine wines, we always seek to offer the most exceptional products at the best prices delivering value for our customers.
Founded in 2015, our core focus is authentic monastic beers, wines and liqueurs made by the monks and nuns of the world’s great monasteries. We are the only dedicated importer of monastic drinks in Taiwan and are leaders in this category.
In 2018 we launched the secular arm of our drinks business. Here we aim to quench the thirst of curious consumers with wines from exotic and lesser-known regions, premium import and craft beers, and ciders of exceptional character.
We encourage our products to be enjoyed responsibly. We hope that by doing so, each person is filled with peace of mind, body, and spirit.
2015 年成立的聖杯,核心業務是進口與銷售由世界各地仍然實際運作的天主教修道院所製作的產品,由真正的神父、修士和修女釀造的正宗修道院啤酒、葡萄酒和利口酒。我們是台灣唯一的正宗修道院飲品進口商,更是該領域的領導者。