Aaron - portrait Jan 30 2015

Aaron Turner is an American originally from Kansas who has made Taiwan his second home. He first came to Taiwan in the summer of 2005 to pursue his lifelong dream of learning Mandarin Chinese. For the next three years, Aaron studied Chinese at National Taiwan Normal University’s Mandarin Training Center. 

After pursuing graduate studies in sunny San Diego, Aaron returned to Taiwan in 2010 to begin his career in the wine & spirits industry. Aaron first worked as an international sales and marketing specialist for the trade show organizer Kaigo, helping the company develop the nascent wine & spirits side of its business from the ground up. It was there that Aaron discovered his passion for wine as he led a team to conceptualize, plan, and execute the inaugural Wine & Gourmet Taipei exhibition.

Later, Aaron served as brand ambassador for global drinks giant Pernod Ricard where he represented and promoted a portfolio of fine wines, ultra-premium whiskies, Cognacs, and Champagnes. Aaron led Pernod Ricard Taiwan’s brand education events, VIP tasting events, wine & whisky pairing dinners, and staff training programs for three fruitful years with the company. Aaron developed comprehensive industry contacts spanning the whole of Taiwan, both on the commercial and media side of Taiwan’s wine & spirits sector.

Aaron has lived in Taiwan for a total of thirteen years and is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. He loves everything about Taiwan except the heat, which is to say the lifestyle, the language, the landscape, the culture, and especially the people. He has a strong understanding of Taiwanese business culture from years of hands-on experience, knows local market conditions well, and most importantly from a drinks standpoint – is familiar with the Taiwanese palate.

In the spring of 2015, Aaron decided to take his career in a new direction. After much prayer and discernment, Chalice was born. Chalice began as a synergy of Aaron’s Catholic faith and his industry experience. He started Chalice by first focusing exclusively on niche monastic drinks as a way of giving back to the Church that has given him so much over the years. Aaron works with both local and international Catholic charities, such as the Pontifical Mission Societies, where he met his wife Dorothy in 2017. Dorothy joined Chalice in September of 2019, bringing decades of administrative expertise. She plays a vital role administering the day-to-day business operations of the company and in key decision-making processes. She is the ultimate partner and gatekeeper.

來自美國堪薩斯州的阿榮,已經把台灣當成第二個家了。他在 23 歲那年第一次來台灣,為了追求學習中文的夢想,並於接下來的三年中,在國立師範大學的國語教學中心學習中文。

在風光明媚的加州聖地牙哥完成碩士學業後,阿榮於2010年回到台灣,開始銷售推廣葡萄酒及烈酒的事業。第一份工作是在舉辦葡萄酒及烈酒展覽的 Kaigo 公司擔任國際行銷及貿易展覽的行銷專員,協助公司發展全新的葡萄酒與烈酒部門;阿榮帶領團隊設計規劃與執行「台北葡萄酒展」,並在此工作中發現了自己對葡萄酒的熱情。

而後,阿榮擔任世界知名烈酒類集團—保樂力加的品牌大使,推廣一系列優質葡萄酒、高級威士忌、干邑白蘭地和香檳,並負責台灣保樂力加的品牌教育課程、VIP 客戶品酒活動、葡萄酒與威士忌餐酒會,以及為期三年的公司內部員工訓練計劃。阿榮因此建立了在葡萄酒與烈酒相關商業與媒體的全面性事業網絡,遍及全台。


2015 年春天,阿榮決定將自己的職業生涯推向另一個新的里程碑。在大量的祈禱與分辨之後,「聖杯有限公司」誕生了!聖杯的起源是結合阿榮的天主教信仰與他的職業經驗,起初專注於教會修道院產品,以此回饋提供許多支援與協助的天主教教會;並與國際和國內的天主教慈善單位合作,例如天主教「全國宗座傳信善會」,也因此於 2017 年與他的妻子 Dorothy 相識。Dorothy 於 2019 年九月加入聖杯的行列,擁有數十年行政管理經驗的她,負責管理公司日常業務營運,並在關鍵決策過程中扮演重要的角色,是最終的合夥人與守門人。